Corporate Philosophy

Charter of Corporate Behavior

To achieve our guiding principle of “having as many customers as possible enjoy affordable and great-tasting food with comfortable service in clean restaurants,” we aim to make contributions that enrich people’s lives on a daily basis, not only in Japan but around the world. Further, to ensure that we comply with all laws and international rules in both letter and spirit whether in Japan or abroad, all the while acting with a sense of social decency, we have established the following charter.

  1. Guarantee of Safety
    We will always use safe ingredients and follow food hygiene standards to continue to deliver great-tasting products which have been safely processed and prepared. When doing so, we will give careful consideration to the protection of personal information, customer information and so on.
  2. Legitimate Trade and Compliance with Various Laws and Regulations
    As well as complying with all laws and rules in good faith, we will respect the spirit of such requirements and engage in fair and free competition as well as legitimate trade.
  3. Disclosure of Management Information
    We will engage in broad communication not only with our shareholders but society as a whole, and disclose corporate information in an active and fair manner.
  4. Contributions to Local Communities
    As a “good corporate citizen,” we will engage in social and cultural contribution activities, regard considerations of the global environment as a priority and actively undertake independent efforts to address environments issues.
  5. Respect for Human Rights and Ban on Discrimination
    We will provide employees with comfort and prosperity, ensure safe and pleasant working environments and respect the character and individuality of employees.
  6. Severing of Ties with Anti-social Forces
    We will decisively eliminate all ties with anti-social forces and groups who threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  7. Contributions to the International Community
    In our overseas operations, we will respect local cultures and customs and pursue management that contributes to local development.
  8. Responsible Actions by Top Executives and Middle Management
    Officers and employees shall recognize that their role is to realize the spirit of this charter and endeavor to provide management leadership and internal development predicated on setting examples worth following. Further, when situations that violate this charter arise, they shall clarify where responsibility lies, including themselves, and make thorough efforts to investigate the cause and prevent recurrences.